17/01/2019  BHW Show of the Year 2019 Blackpool

BHW Show of the Year 2019 (Blackpool)
Welcome at our Vanrobaeys Stand H13
19-20 January 2019


Testkit (1 week) ONLY £10.00

4 x 20g (foto van zakje Endurance) ENDURANCE +
1 x 20g (foto van zakje Ebooster) E-BOOSTER
1 x 250ml (foto van hyp) HYP 100



16/08/2018  Stefaan Lambrechts, Nijlen wins 1st National B1 Young birds and 1st National Yearling birds from Bourges.

Stefaan already for years one of the best sprint and middle distance loft in Belgium and last weekend from the National Race Bourges he wins 1e National Section B1 in both categories against 7477 young birds and against 2836 yearling birds. Stefaan rely on the premium power system for his old birds. Relax nr. 183 beginning of the week and Dynamik nr. 184 last days before basketting. For the young birds he use Young bird Exclusive nr. 37 with extra TopEnergy nr. 35 at the end of the week. Feeding supplements : HYP 100 day of basketting and return in the drinker and the new products Endurance and E-boost on the food. 

24/05/2018  Gino Clicque(Belgium) had a phenomenal start of the season 2018 by winning Interprovincial Châteauroux

Team Clicque wins Interprovincial Châteauroux.
5.904 oude : 1-2-3-4-9-12-16-18-19-21-22-35-36-40-48-49-56-58-63-65-92-99-101-112-114-116-126-136-142-148-149-159-160-200-...(83/121)
2.343 jaarse : 1-2-7-9-10-11-20-21-24-36-37-39-40-41-45-48-64-66-74-78-80-94-95-96-97-...(43/58)
We asked Gino what his food shedule is for the coming national races.
- Sunday and Monday Lady Mix n° 56 (the new mix that he realy like)
- Tuesday (and the week that the pigeons stay at home) Super Special Racing n° 12
- Wednesday 1/2 Super Special Racing nr° 12 - 1/2 Dynamik n° 184
- Day of basketting and Return Dynamik n° 184 and HYP 100 in the drinker

24/10/2017  Dick Van Oort from Holland had fantastic results on the National NPO races in 2017

The youngbird team from Dick Van Oort won 1e-2th-3th against 6.025 birds from Melun and  4th-5th-6th against 8.752 birds from Roye.  Fantastic results if you see against which strong competition Dick needs to race every week :  Jan Hooymans, Bakker en Zoon, Bernard Van Oerle and Christian Vd Weteringen.
The years before he mixed several food brands together but after talking with the Vanrobaeys food specialist Guy Van der Auwera he changed completely before the youngbird season. He started to give the Premium Power Relax nr. 182, Junior Exclusive nr. 39 and Topenergy nr. 35. and HYP 100 in the drinker the day of basketting and the day of return. In the beginning of the week he supply also some extra ProteinStar on the food. Dick is very satisfied with the change to the  Vanrobaeys mix with these amazing results.



03/10/2017  Amazing results from Joël Verschoot, Belgium in 2017

Joël won this season 9e + 10e National Brive 9.132 old birds, 2e + 16e Nat Limoges II 9.162 old birds, 4e + 17e National Jarnac 5.134 old birds, every time with his  two first nominated pigeons. Also he  won 1e Provincial Cahors 907 old birds , 1e Provincial Limoges 1.687 old birds, 1e National Section Limoges 3.339 p., 2e Provincial Tulle 1.368 d., 3e + 6e + 19e  National Acepigeon  Long distance KBDB 2017, 2e Ace pigeon All-Round  KBDB 2017. Already for many years he uses the Vanrobaeys Foodmix and Feedingsupplements for his champions.Congratulations from the Vanrobaeys Team.

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