Vanrobaeys Star supplements

After several years of testing, we have decided to market a unique system of side products under the name of Star.

These products serve to support your pigeons in every phase of life, from the breeding period, over the racing period to the moulting period.

The Star range wants to keep your pigeons perfectly healthy the whole year round, as only healthy pigeons can win prices.

Indeed, pigeons don’t only become healthy by administering medication. On the contrary, the art of the pigeon sport is to give as little medication as possible and to prevent different diseases with the help of quality natural products. (BactoStar, BronchoStar, pH Blue Star, FlexiStar)

The Star range also contains products that help your pigeons to recover strengths after a hard and long race and give your pigeons that extra energy that they need for the next challenge. (ProteinStar, PowerStar).

Thanks to the right products, healthy pigeons and perfectly balanced pigeon feed you are guaranteed to increase your chances to success!

Star supplements

Vanrobaeys Pickblock, Picking stone, grit

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