24/09/2018  Henk Hoekstra from Kollum/Holland wins 1. Provincial Championship Young birds 2018

Henk is already years one of the best lofts from Holland and had a fantastic season in 2018. Winning big races like 1/20.006 from Quivrain,  2 & 3/2.447 birds from Quivrain and 1/2.057 birds from Morlincourt. With only a small team he wins this year also the Provincial Championship Young birds. He gives his trust completely in the Vanrobaeys Premium Power mix Relax nr. 183 beginning of the week and Dynamik nr. 184 end of the week. Day of basketting and return the Energy and Recovery drink HYP 100 in the drinker and as feedinsupplements the new products Endurace+ and E-Boost who gave his birds that extra energy.

28/08/2018  Roger & Bert Martens, Elsloo wins 1 & 2 National Chateauroux in Holland against 27.656 old birds

The only national middle-long distance race in Holland was dominted by Father and Son Martens by winning 1 and 2 National Chateauroux(548 km) with two nestbrothers. 

For many years they give their trust to the Vanrobaeys Premium Power mix ; last 2-3 days before basketting Dynamik nr. 184. The day of return and basketting they give in the drinker the new recovery and energie drink  HYP 100.

16/08/2018  Stefaan Lambrechts, Nijlen wins 1st National B1 Young birds and 1st National Yearling birds from Bourges.

Stefaan already for years one of the best sprint and middle distance loft in Belgium and last weekend from the National Race Bourges he wins 1e National Section B1 in both categories against 7477 young birds and against 2836 yearling birds. Stefaan rely on the premium power system for his old birds. Relax nr. 183 beginning of the week and Dynamik nr. 184 last days before basketting. For the young birds he use Young bird Exclusive nr. 37 with extra TopEnergy nr. 35 at the end of the week. Feeding supplements : HYP 100 day of basketting and return in the drinker and the new products Endurance and E-boost on the food. 

07/08/2018  Joël Verschoot dominated Angouleme by winning 1-2-3-4-11-16-18th National(641 km)

Super Pigeon “Armando” from Joël Verschoot won 1th  National after winning already this year 2th National Limoges. In 2017 “Armando” was already 3th National Ace long distance KBDB and this year he will win 1e National Ace KBDB long distance. The Verschoot Team had a fantastic result on this last race.

1-3-4-35-55-78-82…National against 4564 old birds and 2-11-16-18-54-71-75-86-… National against 5088 yearling birds. Already years he use the Vanrobaeys Premium Power mix and the new Energy and Recovery drink HYP 100 with big success.

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