Vanrobaeys Premium power

The new generation pigeon feed.

Recently, pigeon racing has had some major developments, and in addition to overall health, intelligence and motivation, the right feed becomes increasingly important, just as in oth- er sports.

We all love to see our pigeons train hard, because we know that well-trained pigeons will take off with more energy and a better condition.

During the development of the PREMIUM POWER range, a lot of attention has been paid to extremely varied and per- fectly digestible mixtures.

Originally, the PREMIUM POWER range was developed 3 years ago by our specialists for the German market, where the unique compositions have proven their value and are fed by many top pigeon fanciers.

A lot of pigeon fanciers call the PREMIUM POWER range “The new generation pigeon feed”.

The PREMIUM POWER range is now available worldwide, which gives you the chance to use this successful prize win- ning system.

Vanrobaeys Exclusive Mixtures

Pigeon racing is constantly advancing as a sport, and as a feed producer we can’t stand still if we are to stay ahead of the competition. To ensure this we took advice from top pigeon fanciers, listening to their needs for the present day sport. Testing was precise and intense with quality and results paramount.

The mixture had to fulfil every need of the modern pigeon and more... hence this Exclusive Mixture was formulated.

Vanrobaeys Super mixtures

We were the first to produce mixtures with small Cribbs maize. The pigeons like it and therefore it is not scattered. These mixtures soon became a huge success both home
and abroad.

This small Cribbs maize is not available in the same quantities as other maize, but nevertheless at Vanrobaeys we can guarantee good quality throughout the year.

Vanrobaeys Specialities

This assortment includes mixes that can be used in any game system. If desired, they can be used in combination with other mixes from the assortment in order to arrive at the desired feeding regime.

Vanrobaeys Basic mixtures

We use yellow Cribbs maize and red French maize in these mixes. Your pigeons are supplied with everything they need when you feed them these breeding, racing and moulting mixes. This assortment includes all mixes consisting of the different types of maize (100% yellow, 100% red, 50/50 red and yellow).

Vanrobaeys Standard mixtures

Quality mixes at an affordable price prepared with the greatest of care. At Vanrobaeys, we use the same grains and seeds in these mixes as those used in the other assortments (exclusive, super and basic). This assortment includes breeding/racing standard No. 19, which is an excellent quality mix for the price.

Vanrobaeys Show Pigeons

Also Show/Fancy pigeons deserve the best quality of grains and seeds. With these 2 mixes we offer them a balanced diet.

Vanrobaeys 4 Varieties of maize

We use high-quality maize in all our mixes, namely CRIBBS MAIZE (which is derived from the French word CRABBE). This maize is dried naturally by the wind and the sun while still on the cob (inside cages) over the course of 6 months. It possesses all of the necessary attributes with respect to nutritional value, sugars, starch and germination. This is in contrast to machine-dried maize that is dried with hot air and loses much of its nutritional value in the process.

This unique advantage means that we can guarantee you mixes containing Cribbs Maize of the same quality throughout the entire year - year in and year out. We have also established good relationships with French farmers over the years. These are people who still love their work with all their heart and soul.

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