Vanrobaeys Winter

The winter period depends from loft to loft, one pigeon fancier breeds early, the other somewhat later, pigeons are not let out,...

For pigeons who are not let out and therefore do not have to perform, Winter/Rest no. 16, Casaert Depurative no. 418, Premium Power Relax no. 183 are recommended, if so desired, in combination with a moulting mixture from our range.

After the moulting period, which is pretty stressful, it is of the utmost importance to prepare your breeding pigeons for the breeding period. Here, Winter/Rest no. 16 can play an important role as it guarantees that the presence of  barley, paddy and oats entirely “cleans” your pigeons. Feed this mixture during 3 weeks to switch afterwards to a Vanrobaeys breeding mixture before having the pigeons mate.

During the winter period, it is extremely important to have healthy intestines. To that end, bind 10 gr of Bactostar on 1 kg of Vanrobaeys pigeon feed with BronchoStar twice a week.

Vanrobaeys Home coming

When your pigeons come back home from a competition race, it is important to get them back in shape as soon as possible and as efficiently as possible.

To that end, fast absorbing and strong but light digestible feed is necessary.
As soon as the pigeons fly in, it is recommended to feed them the Vanrobaeys Super Grit mix. Only 2 hours after arrival, feed them Vanrobaeys Premium Power Relax no. 183 or Breeding Exclusive no. 38 or Diet Extra no. 26 mixtures.

As extra support to speed up recovery, we recommend to bind 10 gr of proteinstar on 1 kg of pigeon feed with 10 ml of bronchostar.

Proteinstar is a high-quality fast absorbing protein that helps your pigeons recover their strengths in no time.

When your pigeons are back in shape (the day after their homecoming), switch to a protein-poor light mixture, such as Casaert Depurative no. 418 or Premium Power Relax no. 183. Per kg of pigeon feed, 10 gr of Bactostar can be added to ensure a perfect intestinal health.

Vanrobaeys A new fancier

Here are a few helpful tips for budding pigeon racers:

  1. Use a properly formulated Vanrobaeys breeding, racing and moulting mix as the foundation for your feeding regime and for future success.
  2. Adapt the feed to the distance of the race, and remember that weather conditions play a key role here.
  3. Vanrobaeys specialities can be used in this context.
  4. Casaert Depurative can serve as a standard ingredient in your feeding regime and can be used in all regimes.

Super Grit Mix, pickblock, sweet seed, vitamin powder and Vanrobaeys grit are all must-have items for every pigeon loft. If you would like more information, please feel free to e-mail us at

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