Racing Exclusive Nr. 39

Packing: 20kg

Nutritional values

8,7% crude fat
15% crude protein
55% carbohydrates

Recommended for


14,0% Yellow Cribbs Maize
13,0% Red French Maize
11,0% Dari White
6,0% Milo Corn
4,5% Maple Peas
5,0% Green Peas
5,0% Paddy Rice
7,0% Cardy
4,0% Wheat White
4,0% Hempseed
4,0% Yellow Peas
5,0% Soya Toast Split
2,0% Oat Peeled
2,0% Linseed
1,5% Tares
2,5% Black rapeseed
1,5% Millet yellow
1,0% Sunflowerseed stripped
2,0% Mung Beans
2,0% Lentils
1,0% Canaryseed
1,0% Rice White
1,0% Buckwheat


Power and fats united in one bag of feed... that can only be our “RACING EXCLUSIVE”. In cooperation with top fanciers we went on a quest to find what a pigeon really needs. BREEDING and RACING EXCLUSIVE were cre- ated. Such grains as Milo, Tares, Soya Beans and striped Sunflower have been neglected for years but these could offer so much more. Fanciers were not being given what was needed, with simplicity being the key word. In recent years there has been a trend for top fanciers to select grains with more care, with pigeons fed morn- ing, noon and evening.

Many different products and potions still prevail on the market, but top fanciers are now well aware that only with super pigeons and a well balanced pigeon feed diet can you make a difference. To let every fancier profit from the importance of the feed, we have developed RACING EXCLUSIVE, which is perfect in composition and unique in results. Now it is up to you ...

Profit from the “secrets” of the top fanciers and feed your pigeons with RACING EXCLUSIVE.

Additional pigeon feed for Racing Exclusive NR. 39

Clients speak

" Competitive pigeon sport starts with perfect breeding: it’s simple and logical. "

Kris Cleirbaut

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