Lady Mix Nr. 56

Nutritional values

8,46% crude fat
12,28% crude protein
58,8% carbohydrates

Recommended for


Red French maize
Bordeau maize Cribbs
Small maize Cribbs
Wheat white
Milo corn
Dari white
Oat peeled
Rice cargo
Paddy rice
Sunflower streped
Millet white
Mung beans
Soya beans toasted
Perillaseed white
Wild seeds
German Thistle seed
Sesam seed
Sneaky mix Superior


Contains a lot of fast digesting proteins, amino acids and the necessary fats which ensure a super-fast recovery for your hens. Thanks to this feeding system, your hens  get all the essential elements they need for the next race and this for a whole season.

From middle and heavy-middle distance we advise to use Top Energy Nr. 35 supplementary the final days before basketing to provide your pigeons with that extra energy boost, 20% up to 50 % depending the expected difficulty of the race

Clients speak

" There’s pigeon feed, and then there’s Vanrobaeys. "

Gino Clique

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