Amazing results from Joël Verschoot, Belgium in 2017

Joël won this season 9e + 10e National Brive 9.132 old birds, 2e + 16e Nat Limoges II 9.162 old birds, 4e + 17e National Jarnac 5.134 old birds, every time with his  two first nominated pigeons. Also he  won 1e Provincial Cahors 907 old birds , 1e Provincial Limoges 1.687 old birds, 1e National Section Limoges 3.339 p., 2e Provincial Tulle 1.368 d., 3e + 6e + 19e  National Acepigeon  Long distance KBDB 2017, 2e Ace pigeon All-Round  KBDB 2017. Already for many years he uses the Vanrobaeys Foodmix and Feedingsupplements for his champions.Congratulations from the Vanrobaeys Team.


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