Dick Van Oort from Holland had fantastic results on the National NPO races in 2017

The youngbird team from Dick Van Oort won 1e-2th-3th against 6.025 birds from Melun and  4th-5th-6th against 8.752 birds from Roye.  Fantastic results if you see against which strong competition Dick needs to race every week :  Jan Hooymans, Bakker en Zoon, Bernard Van Oerle and Christian Vd Weteringen.
The years before he mixed several food brands together but after talking with the Vanrobaeys food specialist Guy Van der Auwera he changed completely before the youngbird season. He started to give the Premium Power Relax nr. 182, Junior Exclusive nr. 39 and Topenergy nr. 35. and HYP 100 in the drinker the day of basketting and the day of return. In the beginning of the week he supply also some extra ProteinStar on the food. Dick is very satisfied with the change to the  Vanrobaeys mix with these amazing results.




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